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Show off your grilling talents!

Individuals, families, or teams of friends and coworkers are encouraged to enter the Community’s Best Burger Challenge. The competition will start on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 3:00pm. Winners receive $500 donated to the nonprofit of their choosing. Second place will win $100 and third place $50, respectively, to the nonprofits of their choice. Entry into the competition is $25 and registration is required. Nonprofit organizations interested in entering a team can register at no cost, but advance registration is still required.

Each team will be responsible for their own grilling supplies and must bring the following: A charcoal grill (no gas grill allowed), wood, wood pellets, or charcoal, utensils for grilling, all seasonings and ingredients, coolers, and lawn chairs. Grill Games will provide two pounds of hamburger and containers for the finished product to be submitted to the judges at 4:00pm. Four hamburgers will need to be submitted for judging at 6:00pm. Burger Judges will judge flavor, texture, and presentation. Teams wishing to give samples to the general public should bring plates or containers for that purpose.

Community’s Best Burger Challenge Timeline

3:00pmCheck in and Setup
3:00pmCharcoal light to be ready to start grilling at 4:00pm.
4:00pmBurger grilling begins. Grillers have two hours to prepare, cook, arrange, and present their Burgers in the containers provided.
6:00pmBurger turn-In. If food is turned in past 6:00pm, the team will not be in the voting. Burger judges will consider flavor, texture, and presentation.
6:05pmClean Up! Teams will begin cleaning up their grilling area and equipment. Hot coals and ashes must be deposited in the Hot Coals container only and may not be put on the ground.
6:55pmWinners Announcement and presentation on the main stage.

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